Technology as a tool for the salvation of women

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

My parents always say that someone doesn’t become an adult and independent with age, but with the ability to pay for their own expenses. Being an adult implies being financially independent.

And, even if we don’t want it, being economically independent also implies that we are seen differently by society. We move on to the next stage where adults treat us as equals.

Something similar happens with women. Most of the mothers could not work because they had to raise their children, having to depend financially on a third party. Without the possibility of being seen in another way by society. And moms who currently can’t afford a caregiver, or who just don’t want to and would rather raise one themselves (which is what I feel would happen to me), are doomed to lose out on a lot of job opportunities or see their careers slowed down and even stopped. Well, that is changing with technology.

The start of the pandemic more than two years ago forced everyone to adapt to a world where much of the work was done at home, and now, endless possibilities open up in remote work. Being a mother now means being a woman with options: the possibility of earning a living inside or outside the home. The possibility of raising her children and having a career without having to neglect either of them.

Anyway, mother or not, at home or not, now we all have new freedoms. I’m writing this article from Berlin and my home is in Buenos Aires, isn’t that crazy? The future is today!

As a woman I believe that we must take technology into our hands and turn it into a tool of salvation. For all those who couldn’t develop professionally because they had to do “women’s tasks”. Even today, the majority of the tech industry is made up of men and many of us do not dare to enter.

Well, there has never been a better time. Remote working in technology is something that has only existed on the planet for a few months (yes, it has existed for years, but it’s not something that was implemented massively), that means that everything can still be invented and that the demand to hire it’s very high. In addition, the necessary training to work most of the time does not necessarily require a university or academy. Here, it’s about being able to demonstrate that you know how to do what you say you know how to do, publishing and sending your own work, without having to pay for expensive courses.

Today the lack of a university degree doesn’t mean anything bad and that’s great. Anyone can learn online, with books, videos and articles.

Programming, ux / ui design, video / audio editing, and writing are good examples. A degree will not prove your knowledge: your projects and what you can tell about them will do it for you.

I encourage all people (especially women who like technology but think “this is not for me”) to give it a try. I was studying history in college and realized that although I loved it, it was not going to give me the financial and physical freedom that I expected. And that by working remotely in technology, I could travel wherever I wanted and see the history in person.

Me in Egypt :)

In short, there has never been a better time to use our self-taught knowledge. So never stop learning.



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